Classic Jar Candles - Yankee Candle®

Classic Jar Candles

The under-the-tree-worthy classic shape—ready to deliver holiday ambiance.


Since the 1970s, the apothecary shape has been at the heart of our business and at the heart of your home. They're steeped in tradition and ready to bring classic holiday charm.
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Holidays Memories in the Making
The ultimate do-it-yourself gift—unique, thoughtful and guaranteed to make the holiday special.
Classic Jar Candle Facts
Classic Jar Candles
Classic Jar Candle Burn Time
Burn Time Large: 110-150 hours
Medium: 65-75 hours
Small: 20-30 hours
Classic Jar Candle Weights
Weight Large: 22 oz.
Medium: 14.5 oz.
Small: 3.7 oz.
Classic Jar Candle Glass Recyclable
Glass 100% Recyclable
Classic Jar Candle Wick
Wick Natural Fibers Lead-Free