ScentPlug® - Yankee Candle®

ScentPlug® Bases & Refills

Enjoy 24/7 fragrance with stylish designs—you see an outlet, we see a fragrance opportunity!
Build Your Own ScentPlug®
Mix and match to your heart’s content. Choose your favorite fragrance refill and pair it with a decorative base that matches your mood, the season, and any occasion.
New Fall
Home Fragrances
Fall Home
Enjoy your favorite fall scents in every room with room sprays, reed diffusers, and more.
New Home Fragrance
Find an Outlet for Your Fragrance Expression
Enjoy your favorite fragrance throughout your home. Always on and always ready to make your home welcoming at every turn.
Adjustable Strength
Adjustable Strength Slider allows you to adjust the fragrance flow.
Adjustable Orientation
Adjustable Orientation Rotating plug adapts to horizontal outlets, too.